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Contact me here to start your journey towards a fitter, leaner, run scoring, wicket taking, better you!

6 Trump Street, London City EC2 8AF



Give me a shout if you have any further questions and SIGN UP to start your personal training.

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Below you will find some FAQ's that clients and members have asked in the past to help understand what Kinetic Cricket is all about. 

  • How often do I get my workouts?
    It varies, it could be every day or 2/3 times a week. Your workouts are designed to fit in to the bespoke program that we will discussed. This means that your workouts will be timed to when you need to do them and what we have agreed to fit in.
  • How often will we discuss my workouts?
    Even if you were to have a Sports coach or PT in person you would not expect to have them avalible 24/7 there for there will be 2/3 times per week where your questions will be answered. Friday will be the main day to get all of your major queries aired from the preveous week and the week to come. There will be check ins Mondays and/or Wednesdays with maybe the suprise chat every now and then.
  • I can only train 1 or 2/3/4 times a week how will this effect my program?
    As this is a bespoke service, together we will look at your personal situations and give you the best chance to improve. Your program will be set out according to what we decide in our consultation.
  • I don't belong to a gym, can I still join Kinetic Cricket?"
    Absolutly - I have a number of people on the home and body weight traininig programs. This type of traininig is often difficult to motivate for but I will be with you every step of the way. I will be offering advice, alternative exercises through messaging, pictures and videos, all straight to your device!!
  • What are shared documents?
    Once you have signed up to Kinetic Cricket you have access to many E-Book style documents that lay out the process and give suggestions and advice. In the shared Doc sections you will find: - How to use the training portal online - How to use My Fitness Pal effectivly for my nutrition - How to adjust my weights - Suggestions for Micro sessions - Your first gym visit Amoungst other goodies that will help on your journey with me. These will be added to over time.
  • Do I get a food plan?
    This depends on the subscription option you have chosen. The Club and Dynamic offer nutritional guidlines with examples and macronutrient breakdowns but the Kinetic PLUS subscription includes food plans and step by step guides to your nutrition. *Please note the nutrition side of Kinetic Cricket is only designed for weight managment and performance training. I dont not offer advice on special conditions. If these are identified you will be refered to a specialist consultant.
  • How does the 7 day free trial work?
    To make use of this offer you WILL need to sign up to a package first. Then the first weeks portion of the traininig will coome back to you upon completion. Packages are a minimum of 3 months
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