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Learn more about the coach who designed the Kinetic cricket system and will be your guide through this amazing body and performance transformation
Fitness Trainer, Founder


Ben Scott fitness for cricket

Working with people to help them progress and understand their potential really is my passion. I started playing cricket at the age of seven and remember drawing knowledge and exchanging ideas for ways to improve from all my coaches and inspirations. That didn’t stop until I retired 5 years ago. No matter who you are you need a sound board, someone to not just tell you what to do but walk through it with you, even now I have a PT to keep me accountable. Online training has finally given me the opportunity reach and to help people that don’t have access to london or the time to see me in person. 


  • One of London’s leading fitness coaches 

  • Body transformation and Fat loss specialist 

  • Sports specific fitness 

  • Movement, agility and reaction 

Ben Scott cricket fitness online
Ben Scott cricket fitness online
  • First class cricketer for 15 years 

  • 20/20 champion 

  • Stanford series 

  • England lions Test and one day tour NZ


Ben Scott cricket fitness online


  • I like my fitness and life journey to be adventurous

  • Evolving but also structured and tangible.

  • Tough mudders, climbing Killy, posture talks, climbing, 

Ben Scott cricket fitness online


Workout anywhere, anytime

I have been in many bowlers pockets over the years if you pardon the pun but now I can really be in your pocket with online training, helping you get the most out of your training on and off the field. Implementing programs and staying accountable to the process is the real battle and thats what I'm here to help with. 


Ben Scott cricket fitness online


Had some amazing results training with Scotty, his online portal is fantastic and really easy to follow!

Storm Freerun

We trained with Scotty a few years back now and his knowledge of agility and movement patterns were really useful 


I have trained in person and online with Scotty and kinetic cricket and have scored more 50's this year than the last 8 years put together!

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