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Which diet? 4 top diets explained

Each year, a ton of diets – some new and some recycled – are unleashed upon millions of people looking for the quickest way to shed pounds. Diet promoters promise quick results, and die-hard advocates / marketing tools... offer wholehearted testimonials. Many of these diets are targeted to those who may already have a negative self-image, as well as those looking for the next scientific-sounding diet that really works. 

If your going to try it get the right one for you, know the FACTS!

Before choosing to embark on any new diet adventure, do your homework to understand what the diet is really about and if it's safe and effective for you. To help you get started, here's an overview of four popular diets:

Gluten Free 

You don't necessarily need to have gluten-sensitivity to embark on this diet. People are adopting a gluten-free diet to lose weight. All foods containing wheat, barley and rye (such as pasta and baked goods) are avoided, while whole foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, dairy, healthy fats and seeds are promoted. 


• Lots of whole foods are included, and these are always healthy choices.

• There is a tendency to steer clear of packaged and processed foods, which tend to be high in sodium and preservatives. 


• A wide variety of gluten-free packaged foods are now available, but many are loaded with more sugar and fat than their gluten-filled counterparts. This makes it easy to think your eating well, even on gluten-free foods.

• Large portions of any foods (such as gluten-free breads or potato chips) can lead to weight gain.

• Avoiding gluten-containing whole grains can decrease the spectrum of nutrients taken in if substitutes aren't used.