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What Is The Best Time To Workout: AM or PM?

You either want that extra 30mins in bed or after a hard day in the office you just want to go home and veg. But, the question that remains is when is the best time to train or hit the gym – mornings or evenings? While some experts feel that working out early in the morning is better, others professionals feel that evenings are more beneficial. With scientific data backing both, let's look at the advantages of both and help you decide what works best for you.

Advantages Of Morning Workout

1. Regularity

Dedicating an hour in the mornings is easy for some people as they have more activities lined up towards the evening. Hitting the gym early allows you to make time in the evenings for family and friends. Some people may even work late or get delayed in commuting or may not have the energy after a long day at work to exercise. It is easy to be more consistent and regular at the gym if you workout in the mornings, once the day unfolds who knows what can come up.

2. Less Crowded