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The Kinetic Cricket Client Experience

Invitation Email

After you add a new client to Fitbot, they will receive an invitation email. Clicking that will bring them to a page to set a password and finish setting up their Fitbot account. Once that's done, their accounts will be activated and they'll be ready to train!

Accessing Fitbot

Your clients will be able to access their Fitbot accounts from any web browser by logging in from Once logged in, your client may want to add this link as an icon on the home screen of their phone. 

Here are the steps for Safari on an iPhone:

  • Open the page you wish to bookmark and click the share icon

  • Click Add to Home Screen

Workout Calendar and Delivery

Once you assign a workout to a client, they will begin receiving daily workout emails like the one below. Both you and your client can toggle these emails on/off from their profile. Similarly, your client will also receive an email when a workout is missed.

After clicking 'Open in Fitbot' your client will be able to view any demo videos, input their results, send you a message, or even a funny gif.

The Client Profile

Your client now has access to their own Fitbot account! From the profile page they can update their basic information in case you missed anything during initial set up.

Real-time messaging allows your clients to communicate with you about their training via Fitbot.

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